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Farming enterprise is looking for investments to develop agriculture on their own 163 Ha territory in Ivanovo area. The project is aimed at investors interested in preserving their capital and strengthening the agricultural economy of Russia. Investors who understand the value of investments in environmental farming projects. We believe that the successful development of this project will provide our region with environmentally friendly farm products and will also stimulate the development of the "green" economy in Russia. We encourage miners and crypto-investors to study our project and buy Ecopole tokens. We promise stable Ecopole token and secured with our products, and a full return on investment within 5-6 years. See the discussion on the
By choosing investments in agriculture, you choose an industry that will always be in demand: people will always buy agricultural products which guarantees low volatility of the EcoPole token.
Discounts on products up to 50%
All holders of Ecopole tokens automatically receive a discount of up to 50% on products of the EcoPole farm.
Environmental friendliness
It is the most important point for us. We presume that development of the project will lead to environment enhancement and sounder society. Healthy eco food and being in harmony with nature without waste. Investing in eco projects you invest in healthy eating for you and your children.
This is the most important feature for us. We believe that the development of the project will lead to the improvement of the environment and the society around us. Safe wholesome products, harmonious existence with nature without waste. By investing in environmental projects you invest in a healthy diet for yourself and your children.
EcoPole tokens
400 000 000
255 000 000
This is an estimate of how much we will need to implement a whitepaper.
15 000 000
This soft cap, the amount that runs our project in a truncated form.
Project Implementation Plan
Since April 1, the releasing of the EcoPole tokens on the Waves platform. The first year will be spent on construction of a warehouse and a farm, purchase of equipment and crop, procurement of animals, construction of tourist objects, horticultural organization, etc. (see whitepaper for more details).
Annual profit: 13 450 000 RUB
The second year will be spent on completing and launching tourist facilities: hotel, hotel cottages, bathhouses, a zoo with wild animals and a racecourse with horses.
Receipt of a grant for 70 million RUB and subsidies of 500 000 RUB (probability of success is 50%).
Annual profit:
42 544 500 RUB or
113 044 500 RUB

Completion of construction, output of the farm to its planned capacity. The issue of tokens on the Yobit stock exchange. The first redemption of our tokens on the exchange for 1.5 rubles per token. Receiving subsidies 500 000 RUB
(probability of success is 50%).
Annual profit: 66 364 625 RUB
or 66 864 625 RUB

Planned works on the farm, an increase in sowing areas, an increase in annual profits. We continue to redeem our tokens on the stock exchange. Receiving subsidies 500 000 RUB
(probability of success is 50%).
Annual profit:
80 280 750 RUB or
80 780 750 RUB
Planned works on the farm, an increase in sowing areas, an increase in annual profits. We continue to redeem our tokens on the stock exchange. Receiving subsidies 500 000 RUB (probability of success is 50%).
Annual profit: 88 728 875 RUB
or 89 228 875 RUB

The project fully pays off
(optimistic scenario).
Planned works on the farm, an increase in sown areas, an increase in annual profits. We continue to redeem our tokens on the stock exchange. Receiving subsidies 500 000 RUB
(probability of success is 50%).
Annual profit:
96 817 000 RUB or
97 317 000 RUB
The project fully pays off
(realistic scenario).

The farm continues to regularly generate RUB ~ 68 mln per year, we continue to buy out our tokens and ensure the stable growth of the Ecopole token on the exchange.

Project payback evaluation
The initial payback plan is designed for 6 years; after 6 years, EсoPole starts generating an annual income of ~ 68,000,000 rubles.

An optimistic plan.
We expect that we will be spoken about in the media, which will allow us to receive a grant of 70 million rubles from the second year on that will reduce the payback to 5 years. The probability of this event is estimated as 50%.

Eugene Polenov
Farmer, builder, the owner of the land
Has worked as a builder for 5 years in South Korea where has got very valuable labor, technological and organizational experience. Upon returning, he organized a construction company with a staff of 200 people. In 2014, he bought a landplot where the farm is currently developing. He is the leader and a representative of the team responsible for the successful implementation of the EcoPole project.

Anton Pylaev
Startup manager, investor, IT specialist
Tokenization and technical implementation of the project. Creation of a website, creation of a roadmap and whitepaper. On cooperation, please contact me on @ICO_channel.
Twitter: @antonpylaev

Anna Polenova
Farmer, land lawyer, land owner
The head of the EcoPole farm. Responsible for legal support of the project, receiving grants and tourism.
Alla Kozlova
Doctor, child psychologist.
Tourism requires the presence of a medical worker in the staff.
Ivan Koryagin
Tractor driver, machine operator
Chief mechanic and tractor operator.
Alexander Golubev
Pensioner of EMERCOM of Russia. Security specialist. Gardener. Responsible for gardening and security.
Our partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to write us @ecopole
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Our project news on Telegram: @Ecopole
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